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February 28

Just bought into Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). They have been on a rally for the last 2 months. I see big potential in their new Ryzen computer chip that is being released on March 2nd, 2017. They are giving Intel a run for their money. AMD’s chips are half the cost of Intels chips but perform as well or better.


February 27

I sold all shares of Kratos (KTOS) before earnings were released on the 27th. The stock missed estimates and tumbled $.30 after hours. If it goes lower I will consider buying more. I believe Kratos will be involved in president Trumps $54 billion defense budget.


I also sold all shares of Gilead (GILD) due to the recent spike. I will be watching to see what it does over the next couple weeks.


February 22nd

I bought into Palo Alto Networks (PANW) I bought PANW because its a good cyber security company but recently took a $5-6 hit. I will probably ride it until it breaks even with the point it dropped at.


February 12th

Kratos defense and security solutions (KTOS) I recently took an interest in this company due to Jim Cramer’s suggestion. Bought at $8.19. So far I am up $100. Looking to sell before weeks end if price is right. Kratos is in the business of Defense Rocket Support Services (DRSS), Microwave Electronics Division (ME), Technical and Training Solutions (TTS), and Modular Systems (MS), which provide technology-based defense solutions, involving products and services, primarily for the United States National Security priorities. The US segment includes its unmanned aerial, ground, seaborne and command, control and communications system business. All this will do well during a Trump presidency.


February 7th-9th

I bought the cloud computing company Twilio (TWLO) for $31.71 on the 7th and sold on the 9th at $33.36. In that time In those 2 days I made a quick $412.


February 8th

I bought Gilead (GILD) and expect it to spike due to a large acquisition of another company.


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