As most of you know, my dog cut open a pad on his foot while playing with a 100+ pound dog in our backyard. We took him to an emergency vet because every other place was closed on Sunday. He received stitches and had to wear a cast and cone for two weeks straight.

Vizsla’s are known for being high energy dogs that must get adequate amounts of exercise every day. This was one of the major challenges we faced with Bentley. He had a ton of energy but could not act on it due to the vets orders. Even though he couldn’t do much he was always in a great mood.

Another challenge was keeping him from biting the wrap on his arm. The vet told us to wrap his arm every two days to keep the wound site clean and free of moisture. Bentley didn’t like the foreign object on his arm and would often try to bite it off. His arms are so long that even with the cone he could reach his paw. We corrected that by buying a pet safe bitter spray from Petsmart. One lick of the spray and he never touched his arm again.

His stitches were taken out last week and the wound site already looks 100% better. There is no separation of pad to skin anymore. Although there is a slight scab on his pad , I don’t think there will be much of a scar.

Bentley finally gets to go on walks and play out in the yard again. He is thoroughly enjoying fetch and seems much happier being able to move freely throughout the house.

Some advice I have for all pet owners is to look up where the closest emergency vet is. Hopefully you won’t ever need to go, but it saves a lot of time when your pet is in need.