I recently wrote a feature story on my school radio station KMSA 91.3 FM Grand Junction. They are undergoing a big rebranding process in hopes of attracting more student listeners. They will be implementing more sports and news coverage as well as getting more involved in school events. KMSA recently had its 40th anniversary and won organization of the year in 2016. Below is the full article and a link to the KMSA 91.3 FM website for your listening pleasure.


Published Article

KMSA 91.3 FM, winner of organization of the year in 2016, is Colorado Mesa Universities student ran radio station. New management and creative thinking have completely changed what the radio station is about.

The new general manager, Tyler Fransen, is mixing things up by rebranding KMSA from “The Alternative” to “Music For The Mavericks.” As part of the rebranding process, Fransen wants to attract more student listeners.

“We love our community audience but I think it’s time to get more of the student body listening to our station and get KMSA to become a larger presence on campus,” Fransen said.

The station is looking to DJ more events on campus and has the resources to liven up any club, organization, or school event with their concert speakers and experienced DJ’s. KMSA is working to become the students first choice in radio whether they are listening in their car, at home, or on the go.

“I want students to understand we are not just a radio station, we are their radio station. If you don’t like something let us know and we can try and cater to what you like,” Fransen said.

The station started in 1975 and recently had its 40th anniversary. KMSA initially started out playing non-mainstream music and later adopted the alternative genre, but many things have changed since then. The station now plays a variety of genres rather than limiting itself to just one.

 KMSA recently revamped their website and are starting to become more of an online presence with their social media. They have 660 followers on Twitter and more than 2,137 likes on Facebook.

The new website, KMSA913.com, is now much easier to navigate and lets listeners live stream 91.3 FM from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The radio station is planning on providing more news, school information, and sports broadcasting content. If a student cannot attend a Colorado Mesa University sports game in person, KMSA will be there to live broadcast all the action play by play.

While this live sports broadcasting is only available for certain CMU games, KMSA is looking to expand their sports broadcasting reach to more games in the future.

 KMSA is also currently working on future charity concerts that will feature local bands. Admission will be free, but donations will be strongly encouraged.

One of the great things about KMSA is the freedom students have to express themselves with music. Any Colorado Mesa student can be the DJ of their own radio show on 91.3 FM.

Students that are interested in broadcasting their own radio show are encouraged to come to the weekly Wednesday meetings at 4:30 pm on the second story of the University Center.

When asked what his favorite part of being GM of KMSA is, Fransen replied with, “I have one of the best office views on campus. All kidding aside, I like being able to see the accomplishments that we have made and love seeing our work be recognized.”

 KMSA won organization of the year in 2016 for their exemplary service to Colorado Mesa University, its students, and the community.

 Fransen hopes that the work he has put in will help future GM’s be able to do more outreach and become a bigger presence on the Colorado Mesa University campus.