Today Bentley was playing with a 130 pound Italian Mastiff in our backyard. He cut his pad open on his right foot and had to receive stitches. We don’t know if he was cut by the dogs mouth or if it was just something in the backyard. We tried to stop the bleeding but the cut was very deep and would not completely stop bleeding. Thankfully the emergency vet was not very busy. He was seen within 10 minutes and everything went smoothly. We hope he has a fast recovery!

When we picked him up from the hospital he seemed a little out of it from the anesthesia. He ran right to another dog in the hospital and didn’t even seem to notice we were there. Shortly after we got him home he fell asleep and continued to go in and out of sleep for a couple hours. He has to take it easy for about 2 weeks while the stitches do their job. He is not a fan of the cone on his head either!

Since he cannot walk on his foot for 2 weeks we will have to delay his training classes and resume next month. It will be interesting to see how he acts since he will not be able to run or walk for 2 weeks. He is a high energy dog but the pain medication will probably calm him down a little.

After the vet visit, stitches, pain and antibiotic meds, and bandages it ended up costing $450.

Check back in a few days for updates.